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Attunement through Food

Can one stay grounded by eating Beets, Turnips, and Carrots tossed with coconut oil and roasted? Be more loving by adding rose petals to a protein and nutrient-packed smoothie? Gain eternal vitality and confidence by adding an evergreen Eastern Hemlock infusion to our Himilayan sea salt sole water each morning? Incite a more adventurous spirit and gain strength after winter by adding wild foraged greens to a detoxifying spring soup? Conjure up forgotten childhood fun and innocence by adding dandelions and violets to a leafy green salad? Is it possible to bring about a better sense of well-being, peace and harmony by attuning ourselves, our energy and life force, to the wild world of flora and fauna that surrounds us?

I think so all of this is possible and more. Welcome to "Happy Food". I'm Kayleigh, and I focus a lot of my attention on Food Attunement. What does that mean? Think of it kind of as the "Law of Attraction", applied to food...

Food has the ability to transform us - mind, body, and soul. In the nutritional world, we know which foods are healthy and which aren't - which foods are medicine and which are poison. And in the magical realm, we know that certain plants and herbs provide us with particular energies we can utilize to bring a needed change to our lives. I take these 2 topics - nutrition and magic - and bring them together to form awesome, powerfully energetic meals which I believe bring about a sense of happiness, peace, and harmony, and I hope to share the products of my experiments with others.

I dabble with myriad ways to bring what I want for myself and for my life to fruition through nutritious local and seasonal/wild/foraged foods, with an added element of magic/ritual. I focus on the magical/symbolic and practical/nutritional components of wild and cultivated foods, bringing meaning and power to every morsel of food I put into my body. After all, you are what you eat -- why not imbibe the foods we eat with carefully-selected power and meaning -- which is just as important as the nutrients themselves.

Check out my blog and Facebook page for nature-attuning recipes using foraged and seasonal foods, utilizing ingredients to keep the Blood Sugar Adrenal Axis stable (Nutritional Psychology), and my monthly "Moon Meals" recipes and musings about each month's seasonal significance. Enjoy!